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Small task for iggy

May 12th, 2020

Often when I create projects I end up copying .gitignore files from past projects or finding one on GitHub. Even though this task may take a matter of minutes, it can add up to a sizable amount of time as I create more projects. Similarly, I often find myself buried within my terminal, so I desired a small application to this accomplish for me. After a quick google search I did not find an application that looked overly appealing to me, so I tossed together iggy quickly. Even though simple, this application will allow me to build an inventory of .gitignore files by language and generate them into my current directory.

Listed below is an example usage of iggy to generate a .gitignore for a JavaScript or TypeScript project.

➜ exa -la

➜ iggy -g js

➜ exa -la
.rw-rw-r-- 217 matt 11 May 21:19 .gitignore

➜ cat .gitignore
# Coverage reports

# API keys and secrets

# Dependency directory

# Editors

# OS metadata

# Ignore built ts files

# ignore yarn.lock

I only included a few .gitignore files for languages I use most frequently and plan to build up the inventory as necessary over time.

Listed below shows the currently available .gitignore files in iggy.

➜ iggy -l

You can find iggy at: